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MORA is “mine”… It embodies the essence of the one who wears it.

MORA aims to give you a bespoke combination of fabric, colour, and form to create a design that spells “you” like nothing else.

Each MORA creation is an individually produced labour of love. Since no two individuals are exactly alike, no two MORA creations are same. MORA travels all over India to source out the finest fabrics and collages them to create a mesmerizing interface between tradition and modernity. Which is why the MORA piece that you own is yours alone.

MORA collection aims to unite different regions of Indian art and culture by collecting and collaging an interesting and unique mix of fabrics, techniques and textures of different states of India. The Kalamkari of Andhra Pradesh takes a whole new dimension when combined with the phulkaari of Punjab; just as the intricately woven ikkat of Orissa is splashed with colour when combined with Sanganeri block prints.

Mora’s collection is not a repeat of the typical combinations, patterns, or techniques. Our look is the antithesis of flashy, bling-like ensembles!

This collage of colours and patterns finds its audience in all age groups and identifies with every woman who is comfortable in her skin and complete in her spirit…


MORA is a lifestyle…

Very recently, I was asked if mora is a fashion brand. I said no, its a lifestyle. another question popped: define mora lifestyle and how are all your buyers living this lifestyle… the answer was more spontaneous than i thought … Continue reading

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i see my fireflies….

2011-2012 was a year of great challenges, new hopes, lesser fears, bigger adventures, some tears and joys.. heartbreaks and friendships… but definitely a year of growth and learning… and not just about textiles… mora is giving me a way of … Continue reading

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Seeking lost tradition… seeking COTTON!

“Weavers weavers everywhere… not a bundle of cotton to weave…” I agree and I whole-heartedly accept your grimace on what disgusting “sounding” sing song manipulation of words I just subjected you all to! But it came more out of habit … Continue reading

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Majuli, assam: most overwhelming experience, staying in a bamboo house with a family of 21, bathing, washing clothes at Brahmaputra, learnt how to be rich with these people. no electricity. No mobile network- kumarbari… living by the banks of mighty Brahmaputra that actually washed away the house i lived in exactly 11 days later. Hunt n struggle to bring back cotton began here… talks with the bank managers for iva, reminding people what they did is what they need to go back to… i m no one to teach designs… it comes to them naturally… journey into majuli with iva- through ferry.. first sight of majuli n love at first sight… a tragic sort of love story!… lemon n chilly… long walks to the different villages… trip for the family unmarried ladies to the satras… bihu by my little angels n cup noodles… food made by buharis, apong, devi in the girl, festivities of the new house, song which says pigs live down, we live here, n god above us. Excerpts from father thomas’s book., missing weaves- with graph, majuli to dhemaji, “i’m a very smart girl”, apun buhari- doens’t want a son. Hand spun eri… beautiful weaves worn so casually… the weavers we can only dream of wearing… saw some old eri with cotton weaves that were to die for. Make shift arrangements to save flooding villages. Continue reading

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ERI SILK (north east india)

Date: 07.09.2010 I had been reading and hearing the same things from everyone about this silk called “Eri” “who is she?”, I wondered. According to Wikipedia and other sources, The name Eri is derived from the Assamese word ‘era’, which … Continue reading

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