I saw a thousand fireflies… on a dark DHUBRI night… they have stayed with me… sometimes they still peep through my hair, say a quick hello during a walk on the footpath in the wee hours of the night.. it’s as if they are living every moment with me… making me think… write… and at times feel… they sort of govern my good days n bad days…

bad days…. because i just have to close my eyes and i see them again… almost real… and i am happy again!

good days because at my happiest hour, I,invariably go back to that night in the small lanes of Jinkhata village in Dhubri district, Assam when while coming back from the SATRA (about 2 kms away from where i stayed), i was transported to an almost fairy tale like reality…

through those kachcha roads… between the thick foliage of trees… sitting on that rickshaw… with nothing else but the sound of slow churning of the wheels… n occasional whispers from the crickets… i saw those fireflies… from as close as my hair to as far as i could see… just those fireflies… behind the bushes… close to the flooded fields… on the trees… road… everywhere… it was like a million stars were at play… hide and seek was their game! i was a silent spectator… watching in awe these little stars carrying me forward to my destination for a whole of 45 minutes… i remember feeling tears roll down my cheeks.. a slight overwhelmed quiver of my lips… a slight stiffness in my body… my head gently swaying from one end to another trying to absorb as much…


but it was…



9 Responses to mine…

  1. vidu says:

    Wow…I did experience this in an interior village near Rewas, Maharashtra…surreal na! Lucky are you to find them and lucky are they coz you brought them to this page 🙂

    Yes, they are yours…all thousands of them!!

    Best wishes for many more of such serendipity…

  2. Daniel Mung says:

    i believ u must have be in awe on the sea of stars at night 🙂

  3. there’s so much beauty in your writing and photos and work…keep it going 🙂

  4. dev says:

    hi ritika !
    my dad wrks with the services and so we all went with him on his postng to tezpur….
    i did my initial schooling 4m there and so could just see through all those yrs pass by my eyes and not 2 forget the fireflies ……on the very first day into assam i experienced what you did and it amazed me like anything….i still remember trapping them in our hands and just sigh …when they
    escaped from the gaps.

  5. Hi Ritika,

    It is so amazing to think that every moment there are people who live and mill around us and we remain oblivious to the thoughts that cross their minds and the influences our environments have on their psyches …. until one day, one literally stumbles upon a thought or a notion that may have crossed ones mind at some place and at some time. I believe this is the effect of the cosmic karma that binds one living being to another.

    Having gone through your blog and images, I wanted to reach out from across the miles and touch you with my words, to tell you that the purity and profoundness of your thoughts come through so clearly in your work.

    I am currently working on a coffee table book on Meghalaya called Quintessential Meghalaya and I was wondering whether you have images of Meghalaya and Ri Bhoi that you would allow me to use in it (with due credit, of course and a solemn promise that you will receive a copy of the book once it is out sometime in August this year). All contributing photographers will be duly acknowledged along with thumbnail shots of their faces and a two sentence profile on who they are and what makes them tick.

    Do revert. It will be an honour to have you exquisite images in the book. If you are agreeable to taking this further, this is my mail: chief@cognetsolutions.com; my hand phone is: +91 9436161402.

    Once again, my warmest compliments on your work and I hope that someday if you return to these parts, we will be able to meet face to face.

  6. Kosha says:

    Hello Ritika, Trying to contact you but the webpages don’t open. Could you send me your email,I am interested in ordering and not sure how to go about it.


  7. Hash Girnari says:

    Thank you Ritika for sharing, It remind me of my camping trip to “Tapola”, during my boarding school life in Panchgani, Maharastra. The place where i first saw Fireflies…… kept me awake whole night with its amazing performance………

  8. DG says:

    Hi Ritika,

    Will be happy to contribute in anyway I can from Hyderabad. I am a writer/ communications person. Please mail me.. 🙂

    My best

  9. khuds1729 says:

    Dear Ritika,
    Your journey and the efforts you put in to achieve the marvels of ‘Mora’ leave me inspired and awestruck.
    Travel and learn is something that I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time. As a fashion design student in her second semester, I now feel the need to quit college and begin my journey.
    I’ve never travelled alone and that makes my decision intimidating for my parents and I.
    It would mean the world to me if I could receive some much needed guidance from you on this.

    Eagerly awaiting your response.

    Warm Regards,

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