MORA is a lifestyle…

Very recently, I was asked if mora is a fashion brand.

I said no, its a lifestyle.

another question popped: define mora lifestyle and how are all your buyers living this lifestyle…

the answer was more spontaneous than i thought it would be and i am so glad that i was asked this question… here’s why and how we are all connected to a lifestyle and many more reasons beyond these that we will discover as we move along…

How is mora a lifestyle for the all the people who wish to take mora home to them…

  • To know that the textiles are our tradition and are our identity. we are what we wear, whether its a traveler and his worn out shoes or a woman in Germany flaunting her  saree effortlessly (one of our buyers, ketaki has done that with such pride that she will always stay special to me). Lifestyle is in acceptance of oneself and your own personality.
  • lifestyle is in the choice to first invest in the thought of wearing organic… and understanding weaves… adopting values of various textiles and respecting them.
  • lifestyle comes from the fact that people are now moving away from thinking cotton is  cheap…
  • lifestyle is in understanding that anything that shimmers and shines is not the only way to express celebration.
  • lifestyle is saving to bring the traditional weaves home… and merge that tribal lifestyle into yours by knowing the stories, weaving methods, places and names of the weavers and their weaves.
  • lifestyle in believing in a complete stranger and being ok to spend thousands of rupees towards something you have saved for months in a piece of textile that you know has been made with love.
  • lifestyle is waiting year by year to own your own mora.
  • lifestyle is in the questions asked, the learning, the telling and retelling of the stories of the weaves.
  • Lifestyle is knowing what you wear and being aware.
  • lifestyle is coming along and supporting projects like batti and lighting up hundreds of tribal homes and for that taking out money from your savings to support another life.
  • lifestyle is in getting mora home for love and not for a fashion statement. Whoever has money are not the only ones who can buy as many moras. whoever loves mora, mora will find them… somehow…
  • lifestyle is in not hoarding and stocking up almirahs. lifestyle is in celebration of your every piece of textile and knowing exactly where each one is.
  • lifestyle is in the visions of the jungles, hills, rainbows, sunsets and moonrise that everyone absorbs beautifully through the images and stories shared.
  • lifestyle is in celebration of your own self and feeling happy about it.
  • lifestyle is in tutoring your kids about the value of textiles and tradition.
  • lifestyle is finding beautiful bonds through the page on facebook… and share with each other our love… of everything! 

Lifestyle of weavers and tailors and other artisans:

  • lifestyle is in the introduction of weaving as a tradition to their children. with every yarn ball rolling down the bamboo floors, with every tick-tack, tick-tack of the loom and the striking sticks, with every catch and throw of the yarn from one end to another, with every slide in and slide out of the weaving stick, a new generation of lifestyle is born and tradition revived and forwarded.
  • Lifestyle is in weavers choosing to move slower with more effort on the once familiar cotton yarn on their traditional looms as against the new introduction of power looms and synthetics.
  • lifestyle is in taking yarn instead of wages so they can weave and wear cotton themselves
  • lifestyle is in fighting for their independence and sustenance with their family system.
  • lifestyle is in taking me, a complete stranger, in their homes and accepting me with love.
  • lifestyle is in learning a new language so we can giggle together.
  • lifestyle is in making boiled food for me while i making parathas for them.
  • lifestyle is in wondering at the newness of technology and adapting to that keeping intact the values of tradition.
  • lifestyle is in learning how to take photos so they can be sent to me at various stages.
  • lifestyle is in making textiles for love and not just money.

mora as a lifestyle for me and what i believe in:

  • lifestyle is in mora not doing anything that is expected to be done…  mora has followed no norms of the industry.
  • lifestyle is in not spending anything on marketing. our marketing is our own labour of love. 
  • Mora does not reach out to media. whoever talks to us like a friend is the one who writes about mora. we are happy we are not always in the news. Lifestyle is in not waiting for media and not making them wait. we are in the jungles even before all of this starts. subtlety and maturity is the lifestyle.
  • lifestyle is in being the only textile brand in India to have this format of creation and there is nothing that is not working about it. its all about love and happiness eventually!
  • lifestyle is to go beyond finances, economics, commerce and be mad. parcels going up and down… running in the streets with madness to complete that perfect image as i see mora in my head… carry mora(s) through cities, towns and villages creating those visual canvases!
  • it is not about buying and selling but connection with the textile loving and respecting community. lifestyle is in bringing and keeping all of us together.
  • Lifestyle is about attention to details and looking as much at the reverse as in front. it is also a lifestyle to be ridiculously careful about every little stitch, corner, thread, bead on every mora!
  • lifestyle is in not being affected by what others do with your creativity… each one is inspired from somewhere… to inspire and be inspired is a lifestyle…
  • lifestyle is in creating new, seeing new, learning new everyday… which is why no two moras are alike.
  • Lifestyle is in going to places where noone goes. it is in adopting what is difficult to be done and will show you challenges.
  • lifestyle is in treading unchartered routes and bringing weaves on a level that is sustainable.
  • lifestyle is in carrying forward this tradition of weaving and the love with which an army is standing strong  to protect it.
  • lifestyle is in believing less is more. simple is more complex. being minimalistic is a way of life.
  • lifestyle is to be original in your art… to be original you believe in freedom… freedom comes from madness! lifestyle is of this simple mathematics! lifestyle is in originality and madness of pursuing it.
  • lifestyle lies in the philosophy of going back in time through these weaves and being in that time machine.
  • lifestyle is in crossing raging rivers, climbing hills, walking for days together through jungles, walking rope bridges, tracing master weavers of lost lands, lighting up homes of these weavers, and letting them know what they know is so beautiful.
  • lifestyle is in not knowing names of all the colours. how can we know all the colours?? how can WE name them… they vary from light to light…corner to corner… eye to eye!
  • lifestyle is in coining your own terms for everything technical and making it fun.
  • lifestyle is in being proud i didn’t go to school to learn how to love and create something out of love.
  • Lifestyle is in thinking out of the box and not getting trapped into a play of words and rules.
  • Lifestyle is in understanding life as an art form and thinking nothing like an artist’s block exists. you create in different forms all the time… in the kitchen, in the hills, in the windows, on the canvas, in water… outside of it… in sand.. on it… in touch and not touching… in seeing and not seeing… life and living is creation itself.
  • lifestyle is in the very name given to me by my naga family… AKALA… which means abundance… abundance of everything… abundance of the presence and abundance of the absence.
  • lifestyle is in choosing a life on the road and settle in that very existence.
  • lifestyle is in creation of love… at every level… and keeping that love alive.

These are some of the many more reasons why mora is not a fashion brand… can never be… wont ever be…

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16 Responses to MORA is a lifestyle…

  1. Bhavna says:

    After knowing you and after reading this post I have to agree it is a lifestyle. One that I have started to dream about and hopefully one day call mine 🙂

  2. sheena says:

    hi i am not good with words but what i read in your blog touches a chord somewhere. I read your blogs and have discovered your facebook page and follow it regularly. love it. hope to own a Mora not only to wear it as a pretty saree but as a statement of what even i believe in too.

  3. I am completely in awe of you and your profound thinking ritika. I do not know if i can be smart enough to understand how to get a mora and place it where i can see it everyday…..but let me go by what you just mentioned in this blog…if i have to own a mora it will find me….

  4. mistrylady says:

    how can i be part of mora?

  5. Shruti says:

    Wow. This is so inspiring! Where can I get my hands on a mora sari?

  6. indu chahar says:

    just loved each word of it…..keep following ur heart.n the journey u’ve undertaken….i truly adore mora…

  7. Lili Menon says:

    “Lifestyle is in thinking out of the box and not getting trapped into a play of words and rules.”
    Oh !!! so glad I believe in this !

  8. Manashi says:

    I am truly feeling fortunate to come across your blog, your definitions on lifestyle and couldnt agree more. Thanks for creating MORA.


  9. priya ravi says:

    I just started following ur fb page and really admire ur collection.. Mora has inspired me to appreciate fabrics in a way more than its colors and textures.. Thank u..

  10. Sharmila says:

    hey , i have been seeing ur awsome fabrics , sarees, ghagras.. they are mesmerising. and now i know about the storiesand philosophy behind them . I so desparately want at least one mora saree, as my own to cherish. please please let me know how to get it.

  11. inshaa says:

    Hey…Could we please get your email address?

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