i see my fireflies….

2011-2012 was a year of great challenges, new hopes, lesser fears, bigger adventures, some tears and joys.. heartbreaks and friendships… but definitely a year of growth and learning… and not just about textiles… mora is giving me a way of living my life… to value and feel blessed for what I have… and move on happily from what is not mine or what I lose…

I understood this year to grow above just colours and explore further… understand better the textures and natural dyes… intricacy of weaves gently placed… less is more… importance of everything traditional, getting back to the basics… simplify….

And I understood simplifying is the most complicated thing!

I removed the clutter… and focused on textures as it is…

You will see many bold stark plain borders against complex mix of textures and fabrics… that was the state of my mind… that was the method to my madness…

This year I also took some important decisions….

I have dedicated myself to the north east, a place I call home now… I will continue reviving the dying textile art in the region no matter how difficult this journey gets. Government is focusing on north east becoming the next textile territory… I see it as a major threat… I see what happened in kanchipuram and it pains me to imagine what will happen if commercialization touches these beautiful north east weaves… i see it happening… so am building on a small niche group of weavers… dedicated to reviving these weaves… they are my ARMY… I trust them with all my heart and will protect their identity with all my might.

We have decided to take up some agricultural projects to encourage natural dyes and plant fibres, if all goes right, we should start “kheti”… that’s been my dream… and I believe universe is waiting for me to throw ideas and dreams to it… THEY WILL HAPPEN… I KNOW IT!

This year is a special year for MORA also because we are bringing in 1,200 kg of pure cotton yarn to the north east india. I have put all my life’s savings into this… to the last 3476 rupees… so that we can make cotton cheaper and so readily available that we can replace synthetic for the same reasons it took over cotton…

Something tells me… my dreams are not alone and that I will sail through… I will be taken care of… if I dream, I will be allowed to dream bigger….

The bigness of it I DECIDE!

I am humbled at the love I receive and the bonding that is growing with my families in the north east. I don’t know how to explain what connects me to the north east… its like my soul becomes one… its like I was always meant to be there… it’s like the dots were connecting to take me there…

And here I am home!

I have also thrown to the universe to make north east my home…  I know that firefly isn’t far! I will soon take my treasure chest of experiences, memories, and so much more and leave the urban world soon…

I will soon figure out a way where I become one with my jungles and villages and can be back only for a month or two every year to connect with the mora family… and share this world of textiles…

Universe will make it happen… I know it! I see the fireflies….

I can feel the happiness….

And I am nothing but overwhelmed with life and the beauty of it.

leaving you with a video of my labour of love…

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19 Responses to i see my fireflies….

  1. We feel your love and passion oh-so-deeply, which is why everything about MORA is spine-tinglingly beautiful and goose-bump inducing. More power to you as your travels take you to newer and more beautiful territory. We are with you every step of the way and one day, I don’t know when or how, but I do hope to make the journey with you 🙂

    ❤ Jonaki

  2. May the universe conspire to bring you and the weavers much success.

  3. Nami says:

    Excellent initiative; noble endeavor; Dedicated to ur Cause; sure Universal forces would collude to make things happen all that is intrinsically noble and pristine…to uplift the lives, to revive the tradition, to make that positive impact on fellow humans…very best …allways…

  4. Bidisha says:

    Such beautiful and heart-warming dreams, I hope every bit of it comes true, and you have built a Mora family too that supports you all the way 🙂

  5. Swaram says:

    Hugss! And I love the travels of love u r undertaking 🙂 Wish I can do something like that some day. I know it takes a lot and kudos to u for that!:)

  6. Shanthi says:

    Ritika! your beauty is not just in your face but the true beauty is in your soul. It can only be taken by a mind purified and composed. I am glad we crossed our ways :-). All the very very best.

  7. Kanika Gupta says:

    I wish you luck and love for what you do is a dream for a lot of people. I for one being a textile designer in my own small way try to work with the traditional textlies as much as i can. I love everything you do and would love to support you in any way i can….

  8. Wish all your dreams come true and much more and in your case no doubt that the whole universe is going to conspire to make it happen. ‘Mora’ has been a revolution in itself and the way it’s going it will hopefully consume the whole world. All the very best Ritika.

  9. Shikha says:

    More power to you Ritika! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Much love your way 🙂

  10. Antara Gupta says:


  11. Sairah says:

    you are such an inspiration :)keep moving keep inspiring..all the very best

  12. Charlotte says:

    Love…Love…Love…. Thats all that I can see abundantly in your post Ritika…..The Universe will definitely make it happen…. WE-Your entire MORA family are strongly wishing for it and hence the universe will have no choice but to make it happen:)
    Lots of love,

  13. Deepti says:

    great work indeed… I wish i could be do that too…
    my best wishes with you. be safe and keep us posted..

  14. Sandhya S says:

    Here’s wishing you all your dreams and more…

  15. Venus Kapadia says:

    Blessss YOU!!!!! May the force be with you!!!!! 🙂

  16. Bhavya says:

    Speechless I am. Have no words for your courage, commitment and innocence. Blesses you be.

  17. Arundhati says:

    Lovely, Ritika. In fact, in my few visits to the North-East, especially this time in Meghalaya I was overwhelmed by the simplicity & warmth of the people. The place is naturally beautiful, what makes it more beautiful are the people. Would love to get involved with MORA in a more active manner rather than just buying MORA and chatting on FB.

  18. aracne says:

    I love to read about your plans and your dreams. You are doing a great job in keeping alive old textile traditions, they are a patrimony for all humanity.

  19. Beautiful….every single word speaks of ur passion and ur absolute love for what u r doing…it takes a lot to do what u r doing…wish u success always and more power to MORA ..God bless..

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