Eri Silk

ERI SILK (north east india) Date: 07.09.2010 I had been reading and hearing the same things from everyone about this silk called “Eri” “who is she?”, I wondered. According to Wikipedia and other sources, The name Eri is derived from the Assamese word ‘era’, which means castor as the silkworm feeds on castor plants. Eri silk is also known as endi or errandi in India. Eri is known as the most eco-friendly amongst silk. “where does she come from?” The wooly white silk is often … Read More

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2 Responses to ERI SILK

  1. Deepa says:

    Hi Ritika,

    I’m a freelance writer based in Bangalore. I am working on an article on traditional skilling and would love to talk to you about the artisans you work with. The article is for Prayas, an emag that focuses on the social development sector and is published by Sattva Media.
    Could you please drop me a line on my mail and I could call you?


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